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O2 Active Air Refill Eden

An invigorating scent of green apple and pear softened with a bit of peach and pineapple. Delivers fresh scent and odor control continuously and consistently for 60 days. A clean source of power that distribute intense, pure, fragrance without propellants, solvents or CFCs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Proprietary odor neutralizing agent to eliminate bad odors
  • Can be recycled at the end of cycle
  • Works well in humid or arid conditions
Brand Timemist
Category/Categories Refills
Refills » O2 Refills
Material Group 1047429
Odor/Fragrance Eden
Color Red
Appearance Oil base

SKU# Product# Container Size Case Weight
1047429 1047429 Not Available 1.55 pounds
Container Size/Volume Items Per (Case) Package
Not Available  Case/6 
Unit Weight Case Weight
1.55 pounds  1.55 pounds 
Case Dimensions Case Cube
4.35L x 6.9W x 5.1H inches  .089 cu. ft. 
Cases Per Tier Cases Per Pallet
Not Available  Not Available 
Pallet Height EPA# (If Applicable)
Not Available   
Each UPC Case UPC
UPS Shippable DOT Shipping Name
SKU# Product# File/File Type Language Date Posted
1047429 1047429 SDS Sheet English May 26, 2017
All Sizes All Sizes Product Sales Sheet English October 24, 2014
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