• Clean. Maintain. Protect.

  • Industrial surfaces require concentrated, powerful chemical solutions to increase productivity and minimize failure, defects, operational wastes and costs.

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  • Your fleet vehicles don't sit in an office. They work outside, on the road and in the dirt. Their appearance shows the pride you take in your work.

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  • Facilities experience frequent use and require constant maintenance. Total care includes protection of metal hardware, repair of structural surfaces, and the control of dirt and odor.

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Zep® Distribution

Zep Distribution, a unit of Zep Inc., is a leading provider of specialty branded and private brand cleaning and maintenance solutions. Our products are sold exclusively through distribution. We provide innovative and quality products that help you clean, maintain, and protect your facilities, vehicles, and equipment. We offer the following brands to the distribution channel: Zep Professional®, TimeMist®, Misty®, and Enforcer®.

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